Florida Family Law:  Skills and Practice Workbook


Florida Family Law: Skills and Practice Workbook

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Today's legal landscape is increasingly demanding practical skills from recent law school graduates and new attorneys. In light of this, the authors realized that there was a gap between theory and praxis with regard to family law in Florida. This workbook bridges this gap by designing an easily accessible book that better equips students and attorneys with the skills, confidence, and experience needed to serve the community with the highest level of professionalism.

As a result, this workbook has multiple uses and benefits. It can serve as a teaching tool for professors. It also may be used by individuals who plan to take the Florida Bar and wish to use it as a study guide. Furthermore, this workbook can serve as a valuable legal resource for new attorneys who plan to practice family law in Florida.

In an effort to accelerate and optimize the users' learning process, this workbook utilizes a fictional community of families that provide the scenarios for hypothetical exercises that are integral to the honing of practical legal skills. In the exercises, users will be required to perform real-life legal tasks for one or more families from this fictional community. The workbook includes relevant statute(s), case law, and internet links for the user who needs to act on or resolve a family law issue. Each chapter also includes a checklist, though not exhaustive, of key interview questions to ask a client.



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Florida Family Law:  Skills and Practice Workbook