Voices in Medical Sociology:  Contemporary and Historical Perspectives


Voices in Medical Sociology: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives

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Book Editor: Cynthia Cook

Contributing Author: Patricia A. Broussard


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Voices in Medical Sociology: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives is a reader for students of health care. The collection of articles written by sociologists, health care providers, public health professionals, lawyers, and students addresses the most salient issues in the field of medical sociology today. These readings cover epidemiology, maternal health, children's health, legal aspects of health care reform, and the lack of health care for incarcerated women. Additionally, the book addresses controversial topics such as fracking, female genital mutilation, alternative medicine, and the social construction of illness. This material familiarizes students with long-standing concerns in the field of health care, and also exposes them to new issues that are relevant today.

Voices in Medical Sociology is an interdisciplinary text that provides important information for students without relying on the standard textbook form. Rather, it makes use of diverse materials including legal cases, personal memoirs, and book reviews. It also includes previously published and new articles. The variety of the original writings and the different voices of the writers serve to discuss and define the many diverse aspects of contemporary health care.



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Gender and Sexuality | Human Rights Law | International Law


The chapter written by Patricia A. Broussard is entitled Understanding Female Genital Mutilation.

Voices in Medical Sociology:  Contemporary and Historical Perspectives