UN Sanctions and Peace Construction in West Africa


UN Sanctions and Peace Construction in West Africa

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Chapter Contributor: Dr. Jeremy I. Levitt, "UN Sanctions and Peace Construction in West Africa"

Book Editor: Larissa van den Herik



The twenty-five years following the conclusion of the Cold War witnessed an unprecedented intensification of the usage of UN sanctions. This Research Handbook maps how UN sanctions multiplied and diversified during this period and analyses the substantive and procedural transformations to UN sanctions regimes, through the lens of international law.

Expert contributors explore different types of UN sanctions regimes, most notably counter-terrorism regimes, counter-proliferation regimes and conflict-resolution regimes. They trace developments across these regimes, such as increased references to international legal standards in sanctions design and procedure as well as interplays with other processes and informal arrangements. Key chapters also specifically examine synergies between UN sanctions and unilateral measures and explore the different legal frameworks that shape and govern these respective regimes. Offering a holistic study of UN sanctions, this Research Handbook identifies cross-cutting issues and common challenges in order to provide an outlook on the future of UN sanctions in a 21st century setting.

"As a practical matter, understanding the pros and cons of peace construction--that is, how peace is conceptualized, negotiated, normatively institutionalized and operationalized--is vital to forging sustainable peace processes. Notwithstanding, peace construction practices and processes are among the most neglected by scholars and peace practitioners, especially the dangerously influential role UN sanctions play in the design, implementation and enforcement of peace agreements. Peace agreements are the most important outcome of peace construction and will be the focus of this chapter." (Excerpt from chapter)



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The essay entitled "UN Sanctions and Peace Construction in West Africa" was written by Professor Jeremy I. Levitt, as a chapter in the book "Research Handbook on UN Sanctions and International Law" edited by Larissa van den Herik.

UN Sanctions and Peace Construction in West Africa