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The second contribution in New Challenges of the Law in a Permeable World is Ronald C. Griffin’s essay The Rock: The Role Water Plays in Our Lives. This essay chronicles what men have done in the past about water, forward thinking water management practices, and feuds and settlements between nations about water.



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We witness increasing interconnectedness of issues, internationalization of flows of goods and movement of labor, intergovernmental cooperation, new attitudes to personal rights and meaning of family, including human rights, as well as changes of values, moral principles and ethical conceptions.We live in a pervious world. Traditional boundaries have become permeable. One of the great challenges of our time is the response of the law to current developments. The authors of the collection of essays offered in this book seek to analyze some of these challenges.The essays are revised versions based on presentations at the International Conferences on Law organized by the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) held in Athens, Greece. They were peer-reviewed and selected on the basis of the reviewer's comments and their contribution to the ongoing discussion of the respective issues. As diverse as the essays may look, they all deal with issues that are of current significance.



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Athens, Greece


Environmental Law | Human Rights Law | International Law | Land Use Law | Natural Resources Law | Water Law

The Rock: The Role Water Plays in Our Lives