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Summer 2013


This special Issue of the Tulane Environmental Law Journal explores how climate change affects the rights of indigenous peoples. Climate change is a global environmental problem caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Indigenous peoples generally contribute very limited quantities of greenhouse gases to the global atmosphere. Although the causes of climate change are global, the adverse impacts of this problem are disproportionately burdening indigenous peoples.

In recognition of the growing global problem of climate change, legal strategies to address climate change through mitigation and adaptation have been undertaken. This Issue recognizes that indigenous peoples are particularly vulnerable to climate change, both physically and legally, and addresses the challenges that these communities face in responding to climate change impacts.


This Article is a republication with minor editorial changes--and with permission from Edward Elgar Publishing--of the authors' chapter in Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Search for Legal Remedies ch. 1 (Randall S. Abate & Elizabeth Ann Kronk eds.,2013).