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If someone thinks that slavery is a thing of the past, they are simply unaware of what is going on around them. It is amazingly easy to “buy” a child. Given the incredible advances in technology and the pervasiveness of the Internet, one could obtain practically any product with a simple click of a mouse. While these technological advances have made life easier in many respects, it has also made it easier for sex predators to have access to buy and sell children. These children are exploited sexually just as easily as ordering a pizza. Children around the world are used as objects to satisfy the perverted sexual desires of deviants. The bulk of these children reside in poor and vastly uneducated countries around the globe and their innocence is stolen and shattered on a daily basis. This article addresses the already rampant problem of sex tourism with special attention on child sex tourism. The focus will be to inform the who, what, and where of sex tourism, its history, the economics of it, the laws— both domestic and international—concerning sex tourism, court cases involving sex tourism, the problems associated with combating sex tourism, and also possible solutions in eliminating sex tourism.