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I will organize this Note around three themes Douglass articulated in his speech. These themes, which remain timely and relevant over 170 years later, are (1) the importance of attending to those most impacted by injustices; (2) the responsibility of each of us to address the injustices we see in the world around us; and (3) the practice of remaining hopeful in the face of what, at times, may feel like daunting circumstances. I will structure this Note around these three themes as I consider what the American Dream means for marginalized persons. Throughout, I will weave in examples of the FAMU College of Law’s impact and suggest how the College might continue to grow that impact. My intention here is to demonstrate how the progress that we have made since Douglass’ speech might provide a light by which we can begin to piece together a hopeful vision for how each of us can play a part in moving towards an American Dream grounded in principles of justice and equality for all.