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With so many benefits to solar electricity generation, it behooves state and local governments across America to explore laws and policies which encourage small-scale solar deployment. To help guide development of such laws and policies, Part I of this Article will explain the mechanics and the financing involved with the installation, operation, and maintenance of an on-site solar system. Part II explores the unique benefits and challenges of small-scale solar usage in low-income and weather vulnerable communities. Part III explains the legal and financial governance of American electric companies and how existing frameworks may lead utilities to erect hurdles to prevent on-site solar electricity generation. Part IV explores strategies, specifically laws and financing tools, used successfully by Hawaii, California, and Illinois to encourage widespread investment in on-site solar systems. Finally, Part V presents recommendations on how best to incorporate legal and political tools in jurisdictions seeking to expand use of small-scale solar, with an emphasis on benefiting low-income and weather vulnerable communities.