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Most Americans agree that we are in the midst of a dangerous decline in moral and religious values that threatens the very foundation of our society. The facts are clear: marriage as a social institution is threatened and child well-being is affected. Part II of this Article traces the best interest of the child doctrine. Part III examines what the legally recognized rights of parents have been in the past and shows how those rights have been threatened or altogether eradicated in the best interest of the child. Part IV evaluates the opposing positions of both parental rights advocates and children's rights advocates. Part V discusses the problems encountered when the debate becomes polarized and presents proposals directed at strengthening families. Part VI presents suggestions for strengthening the proposed Senate Bill 984: The Parental Rights and Responsibilities Bill, in light of preserving family integrity with the best interests of the parents, children, and family as a unit. Part VII proffers a proposed bill on preserving family integrity.


This article originally appeared in 83 Nebraska Law Review 1240 (2005).