Florida A & M University Law Review



This Article will examine the unequal treatment of the sexes under the law with regard to prophylactic treatments against STDs. The second section of this Article will discuss the ethical and legal issues in the use of prophylactic treatments and the issues involving informed consent regarding their use. The third section of this Article will discuss the historic and current use of prophylactic surgeries on both sexes to prevent disease and the challenges that have been raised against such practices. The fourth section of this Article will discuss the use of the H.P.V. vaccinations in both sexes to reduce the occurrence of many forms of cancer and the disparities between the vaccinations’ use along the line of sex due to medical and legal guidelines. The final section of this Article will argue that both sexes should be afforded the same opportunities to receive the human papillomavirus vaccinations, and will further argue equal protections against non-consensual genital altering surgeries regardless of if they are aimed to prevent genital cancer and diseases or because of cultural motivations.