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The next likely step would have been to look up the statutes and the case that were listed in Florida Law and Practice to find additional information.To find both the statute and corresponding annotations, the student would have used the Florida Statutes Annotated. Since they found the citations for the statute in Florida Law and Practice, there is no need to use the index and the student would go directly to the volume of the set that contained the statute and annotations. At the time, F.S. § 782.10 held that intentionally causing a woman to miscarry would carry the charge of manslaughter. Under F.S. § 797.01, it was illegal for anyone to provide substances or conduct procedures to cause a woman to miscarry and anyone found to have done so would face seven years in jail or a fine of $1000.

The scans of the statutes are from the 1944 edition of the Florida Statutes Annotated, which, using the Bluebook rules, would have been cited, Fla. Stat. Ann. § 782.10 (1944) and Fla. Stat. Ann § 797.01 (1944) respectively.

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Florida Statutes Annotated, Sections 775.01 - 900, Volume 22

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