Florida A & M University Law Review


The largest standardized testing cheating scandal in American history has caused many to question the practice of excessive standardized testing in America’s public education system. In the spring of 2013, thirty-five educators in Atlanta, Georgia, including the former superintendent, principals, teachers, and testing coordinators were indicted for cheating on statewide-standardized tests. The situation in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, triggered a conversation about excessive mandated standardized testing in America’s public schools and caused public outcry against the negative impact of standardized testing. As a result, new state laws are being passed throughout the United States to not only end the rapid increase in standardized testing but to reduce state standardized testing requirements. This article presents evidence outlining three of the primary reasons for excessive mandatory testing in America’s public schools: (1) increasing federal intervention into public education, (2) federal pressure on states to accommodate standardized test reporting requirements, and (3) vendor pressure to contract with state departments of education.