Florida A & M University Law Review

Volume 4, Number 1 (2009) Fall 2008/Spring 2009


This edition of the Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University ("FAMU") Law Review is an issue focused on individual rights. The 2008-2009 members felt it was extremely important to focus on pertinent issues that influence individualism in the year of a historical election. Specifically, these articles address the admissibility of evidence, false imprisonment, insurance, government contractor's liability, and Second Amendment rights. This journal emphasizes individual rights in federal, state, and local government. The lead article in this journal, Big-Box Bullies Bust Benign Buyer Behavior: Wal-Mart, Get Your Hands Off My Receipt!, was specifically chosen because of its ripeness in the area of law that continues to erode at individual freedoms. I hope that you enjoy this journal; it was a pleasure for me, the Editorial Board, and staff in working with all the authors and faculty advisors.

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