Florida A & M University Law Review

Volume 9, Number 1 (2013) Celebrating Our Legacy


The Celebrating Our Legacy special edition of the Florida A&M University (FAMU) Law Review represents a collection of articles written by distinguished law professors from around the United States. From its inception in 1949, Florida A&M University College of Law has embraced the mission of promoting diversity in the legal field. The FAMU College of Law Mission is built upon the belief that our legal system is strengthened when a variety of perspectives are represented and respected among attorneys, judges, and law professors. That mission is reflected within the pages of this issue of the FAMU Law Review. The ensemble of authors featured in this issue provides a portrait of the diversity of culture and perspective that is represented in the legal field.

On behalf of the FAMU Law Review staff, and the FAMU College of Law faculty and administration, I would like to thank each author for granting us the privilege of presenting their unique perspectives to the world.

This issue of the FAMU Law Review also represents the hard work of a dedicated and talented staff. I would like to thank the Editorial Board for embracing the vision for this issue and working tirelessly to its completion. I want to also thank the senior and junior staff editors for contributing their energy, time, and skill. Finally, I want to thank Law Review Faculty Advisor, Professor Randall S. Abate, for imparting his wisdom and motivation.

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